Meet the team

Ana Lima Mayer Rebello de Andrade
Managing partner and owner

Founder and owner of nomini

Ana Costa

Teresa de Jesus
Human resorces

Teresa D. Silva
Production manager

Duarte Aragão
Design and comunication

Constança R. A. Costa

Francisco Costa

About us

Nomini has appeared as many companies. It is a family story that was born at the beginning of the last century by the hand of a maternal grandmother: Maria Teresa Pinto Basto de Lima Mayer. Where your name is the brand !!! That’s our motto.

Our product at this stage is the personalization of pencils and napkins. The support we use is the pencil made by Viarco, a Portuguese factory, centennial. The first partners were the traditional capellists, stationery and neighborhood tobacconists.

In recent years and thanks to the new technologies, Nomini has won new audiences and continues to extend traditional distribution points that include partnerships with business groups in this area.


Vision and strategy

Nomini is a company that uses the pencil as a vehicle of individualization by engraving the name or a phrase on a specific medium – the pencil – which remains a faithful and timeless object.

Nomini believes in and bets on personalization of the pencil as an engine for affirmation, and a privileged means of transmission in this global world in which we live. We believe that the personalized pencil, for its simplicity and autonomy, allows the total use of individual expression, inspiring and enhancing the creativity of its user. If in the beginning,

Nomini only proposed the engraving of pencils with proper names and a limited variety of patterns, the truth is that in recent times it has been extending not only the range of colors of the graphite pencils but still offering the possibility to record names with nicknames, messages or short phrases up to 20 characters.

It is our intention to continue to bring Nomini personalized pencils to the five continents through the creation of 3 new collections with Hispanic, Francophone and Anglophone names present in some of our partners.


Our store

Meet our store in Campo de Ourique at rua Infantaria 16 97A 1350-164 Lisboa.


In recent years, Nomini has extended the partnerships and we can say that we are present throughout the national territory through our partners.

They are: Bairro Arte, El Corte Inglês, Fnac, Happy Faces, Loja Real, Meninos na Linha, Oficina do Papel, Papelaria Ribeiro, Papelaria Saldanha, Papelaria Afonso V, Papelaria Sousa Ribeiro, Partyland, Papelaria Arco-Íris, Bloogirls.